a man can break her heart but a man can never break her mind

"A man can break my heart. But a man can never break my mind. Your heart and mind are two of a kind. While emotions run free... a mind has to work its way up to be. So never will the two think to feel or feel to think the same, no matter how hard the mind tries in manipulating a broken heart. Because what is felt is automaticually set in stone, even when that stone has crumbled. But when that stone has crumbled... only can time be its mender. However, with a strong and in control mind... it will see past all of what is happening inside, because it knows that it is ONLY a feeling that the heart is feeling and NOT what is actual. Because in all actuality... you ARE just fine, & you will be just fine, because finer things are only to come. But only a strong mind will know this."

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