denna statusuppdatering förklarar EXAKT mina känslor för hiphop-kulturen och den ungdom den fostrar. har ni inte märkt att alla unga snubbar som rappar BARA sjunger om pengar, tjejer som rider deras kukar och vilken swag de har? är detta allt våra unga pojkar har att säga idag? det är skrämmande.

Shakiya C
för 21 minuter sedan i området Philadelphia, PA

Sorry mom for the vulgarity....

I am honest to God pissed that my newsfeed is full of SHIT that says 'yo did you hear this new hit?', talking about a fat ass and a Bad bitch.

Black Women, wake up, this is not cute! We’re glorifying men who are displaying us as false fruit. And calling them Niggas when they act out the lyrics in the song, but shaking your ass to it in the club all night long. You got sense? Use it. Got a body? Don’t abuse it. You might not have been told or shown, but you are worth so much more, than a bitch that knows how to ride dicks who is just made out as a whore.

And Black men, I’m not saying I’ll ever fully understand what it means to be you. But understand that as a Black Woman in America, we go through too. Understanding and speaking against the oppression of our black brothers and white sisters, did we really have a choice? Even after we speak for you still in this white patriarchal society, where is our voice? Damn! I understand this generation is new. But don’t use and abuse me, like everyone else in the world, just because it’s easy to. You need to stand up now for the exploitation of your daughters. You shouldn’t only stand up for the respect of women as fathers.
Hip Hop, can I hear more about the lack of Black Love and Consciousness…where’s the Anxiety? This generation still experiences similar problems in ghettos, but where’s the notoriety? I’m sick of this, and yea I know there are conscious rappers around. But I’m infuriated because the majority of them occupy the underground.
So I’m an educated black woman from the ghetto who doesn’t listen to a lot of rap music and now you know why, and please don’t comment under my status if you’re a fly guy………..


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